dovile b. for Mr Jones Watches | Sekretas

A flower watch, with a delicate difference.
Sekretas is a display of real flower petals, gilded above a shimmering .22 carat gold leaf dial. You can read the time by looking at the contrasting yellow petals.

Sekretas was designed and made for Mr Jones Watches by me. I personally arranged and gilded the flowers onto each watch individually.

The flowers were skilfully applied by hand. This means that each watch is slightly different.

Inspiration behind the design:

“When I was a child in Lithuania we used to play a game called Sekretas: we’d find a hidden corner of the garden and dig a little hole; then gather brightly coloured flowers, wild grasses and even the shiny foil of candy wrappers – whatever we could find!

All these found treasures were arranged to create a beautiful little design and then covered with found piece of glass and buried in the soil. Finally we gently scraped away the earth to reveal this magical little world we’d created.

Sekretas is only shown to your best friend and is a little treasured secret between the two of you.

The final piece shares the beautiful qualities of the Sekretas we made as children and it also shows you the time!”

Watch the video below to see how the watch was made.

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